Superior Wheel and Brake Services

Complete Wheel and Brake Service and Repair 

It's necessary to have your vehicle's wheel aligned and tire rotated for a comfortable driving experience. Bussard's Auto Repair & Towing offers prompt and professional care for your wheel and brake systems. Call us to learn more about our services.
Brake System

Our Wheel and Brake System Services

  • Brake system inspection and maintenance
  • Caliper and brake pad replacement
  • Service on disc, drum and parking brakes
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • Tire inspection, rotation and replacement
  • Computer diagnostics

Let Us Align Your Vehicle's Wheels to Perfection

If your vehicle is vibrating at high speeds, your wheels may be out of balance. If your wheels are resisting your steering commands, you may have an alignment issue.

With potholes, cracks and rough surfaces, your vehicle's wheels can burst anytime on the road. Let the professionals at Bussard's Auto Repair & Towing ensure that your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned and balanced.
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