Professional Air-Conditioning and Heating Services

Reliable Car Comfort - Winter or Summer 

If your car struggles to keep you comfortable from the boiling heat of summer months or dreaded cold of winter months, count on the professionals at Bussard's Auto Repair & Towing for thorough AC and heating repair services. Call us at 301-473-5771 and schedule your appointment today!
Auto AC and Heating Services

Our Wide Range of Auto AC and Heating Services

  • Compressor and condenser repair and replacement
  • Receiver replacement (recommended every 3-4 years)
  • Evaporator repair and replacement
  • Leak and refrigerant check and replacement
  • Belt and hose inspection and replacement
  • Interior control and blower inspection and repair
  • General engine cooling system testing and repair, including radiator coolant levels, caps, hoses and more

Complete Engine Cooling Checks

Let the ASE-certified technicians at Bussard's Auto Repair & Towing check your vehicle's radiator coolant levels, hoses, pressure cap, thermostat and also pressure test the system to assure its reliability. Check out our air-conditioning special coupon and save money now!

You can rest easy knowing that we inspect and repair your vehicle according to the manufacturers' specs. Our recommendations are based on the Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines.
For reliable auto AC and heating services, visit
1510 W. Patrick St today!
Air-Conditioning Special
Get a thorough inspection of your AC components and services up to 1 pound of refrigerant at just $99.95. Contact Bussard's Auto Repair & Towing for more details.
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Our technicians are trained 
ASE-certified professionals, up-to-date on the latest in car comfort technology.
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